The Best RX 6700 XT Graphics Card In 2021

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Choosing which graphics card is best for your new build or upgrade can be a fairly tricky task – even more so if you’re not totally up to speed with the latest GPU-tech know-how.

That being said, if you’ve managed to narrow down your search to the RX 6700 XT, you’ll be happy to know that there isn’t a great deal that separates the different AIBs in today’s market.

There tend to be just a few core factors that differ between each GPU AIB, which are as follows:


6700XT availability

Most people’s number one consideration when it comes to buying, well, anything, is the price, and there can be a significant difference between the price of the various RX 6700 XT AIBs, particularly compared to the reference model.

Mostly the reason for this difference comes down to the cooler used, which enables greater clock speeds from the GPU, and the overall build quality of the graphics card. Some manufacturers may add a premium to their GPUs if they offer more ports or far better user software – but for us at WePC, these are relatively unimportant considerations.

Typically there is a diminishing return on performance per dollar the higher up the price scale you go when it comes to AIBs, however, this is not always the case, and even when it is, for some it will be worth it to have the most powerful version available.


Cooling is another hugely important factor to consider when looking into any GPU purchase. Because the GPU is one of the hardest working components (if not the hardest) in your build, they tend to get extremely hot when in use. Whilst this is great for those cold winter nights, it’s not ideal for efficiency and general longevity.

For that reason, GPU manufacturers have been fine-tuning the cooling of their graphics cards for years – with modern-day GPUs coming equipped with highly advanced cooling technology.

That said, we prioritize cooling when recommending GPUs, only selecting cards that offer the highest levels of thermal design.

Below are some tips on choosing a good GPU cooling solution:

  • Triple fan setups are more efficient than dual fan setups
  • Larger cooling solutions can create much more noise but are generally more efficient
  • Blower style cooling solutions (usually seen on Founder Edition GPUs) are much less efficient than generic dual/triple fan setups


Remember, the more heat your GPU creates, the higher the internal temperature of your PC will become – leading to other hardware components not running as efficiently.


The last thing you should consider before diving into a GPU purchase is the size.

The physical dimensions of graphics cards have been increasing over the last decade or so as greater performance means a need for larger cooling solutions. Due to this size increase, some people are struggling to fit newer GPUs into their aging case chassis.

The reference model of the Radeon RX 6700 XT is 266mm in length, which is not as large as some of the more powerful GPUs on the market; some of the third-party AIBs which we will look at on this page however, with 3 fan setups and the like, are considerably larger, thanks to their bigger cooling systems.

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