The best ways to manage your e-commerce store from your phone

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, a desktop website is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd. You must also ensure your e-commerce store is fully optimised for smart devices. But as well as delivering an inclusive experience for your customers, it can benefit you to learn how to manage your store with just a couple of taps. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with a number of handy tips and tricks to manage your e-commerce website from your phone. 

Implement live chat 

Live chat is the latest customer service channel to take the e-commerce world by storm. Due to its similarity to the process of communicating with friends and family on social media, customers tend to favor this method. With an average response time of less than two minutes, it provides an instant response for shoppers and allows businesses to form a close relationship with their loyal customer base. But in order to guarantee a swift response, you must be ready and waiting to answer customer queries 24/7. Implementing live chat on your phone can ensure you are notified of each query whenever and wherever you may be and are in the position to respond in a matter of seconds. 

Make the most of apps 

Apps can be a great way to manage your e-commerce store from the comfort of your own home as well as on the go. With no need to log in each time and the option to communicate directly with your loyal customer base, they are experiencing a rapid surge in popularity for a growing number of business owners. As well as establishing your own app, some website builders give users the opportunity to build and manage their own online store through their app. For example, the WIX Owner app allows business owners to host their own e-commerce site from one handy app so you can operate your business from your pocket. Built for conversion, this particular ecommerce website builder has a wide range of customizable templates to choose from to ensure your customers know exactly what goods and services you have to offer. 

Ensure your website is mobile friendly 

If your e-commerce website is not mobile compatible, you may be forced to deal with customer queries or update your online store on your desktop computer. This is not only time-consuming and inconvenient but is unattainable for most business owners. If your website is mobile friendly, you are much more likely to respond to customers in a timely manner and carry out any time-sensitive tasks in a matter of minutes. This can free up time to spend on important tasks and duties relating to the daily running of the business. When it comes to running a small business or multi-branch organization, time is money. 

Incorporate a file management system

File management is the process of handling and storing digital data. While most website providers offer a variety of file management tools, it can be difficult to maintain a file management system on your phone. Knowing how to do so, however, can help you manage your e-commerce store and boost sales. With unrestricted access to several key folders and files on your phone as well as your desktop, you can perform any task relating to the daily running of the business whenever and wherever you may be. With an expanse of information available to you in just a couple of taps, you may also be able to respond to customer questions or queries on the move. This can increase customer satisfaction levels and enhance brand loyalty over time. Due to technological advancements, most mobile file management systems also do not require a VPN connection to connect to corporate file servers. The connection is made through a cloud service. 

Consider HTML or text editors  

A HTML or text editor is a specialized software program that allows users to create and edit raw text or code. With a wide range of websites and apps available for business owners, they are one of the most important elements of website management. By familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of website coding, you can code on the go and ensure your website is always operating at maximum functionality. Some HTML or text editors also give users the opportunity to benefit from a number of additional features such as search and replace, error checking and suggested code completion. 

Managing your e-commerce website from your phone can allow you to build customer relations and boost profits. To successfully manage your online store from your smart device, there are various handy tips and tricks you should try. They include implementing live chat, making the most of apps, ensuring your website is mobile friendly, incorporating a file management system, and considering HTML or text editors. 

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