The Best WoW Season of Mastery addons

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The WoW Classic Season of Mastery is now live, and players have the opportunity to play a newly crafted version of the WoW Classic experience. The Season of Mastery is all about destroying the world buff meta and adding in honor from the get-go. Now players get to experience the antic Classic philosophy while offering players a new taste.

With the launch of the Season of Mastery, many players are looking to get their add-ons sorted. Luckily for us, most of the more popular and in-demand addons have updated to the Season of Mastery version, aka 1.14.1. Below you’ll find the best Season of Mastery addons worth picking up.

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WoW Classic Season of Mastery Addons

Before we go any further, this list is based on the official launch day of the WoW Classic Season of Mastery updated addons. There is no doubt that more and more will change over time. We can best recommend filtering through addon managers like Curse Forge and searching by popularity and last updated. Note, this article was last updated at 2 pm GMT November 17. There is no doubt in our mind more and more addons will join the 1.14.1 flock soon.

Atlas Loot

Atlas Loot is an addon that makes it easier to track what loot drops from what dungeon or raid. Considering that the itemization of Classic has changed somewhat, with the introduction of the 0.5 sets at launch, tracking your items and looking for yourself has slightly changed your pre bis content farm. We are looking at you, Combat Rogues.


Auctionator, Auctioneer, and TSM are all up to date, If you’re gagging for a solid and reliable Auction House addon, then we recommend that you look at all three and see which one you prefer.


Bagnon is one of the most famous World of Warcraft addons for managing your bag space. You’ll be pleased to know that Bagnon is updated to the most recent version, making it ready for your WoW Classic Season of Mastery addons list. 

Boss Mods

Both Deadly Boss Mods and Big Wiggs have got an update for the latest season. They should come with the new raid boss mechanics too. We recommended grabbing one of these so you can raid efficiently, and not get surprised in case you haven’t been paying attention to the new mechanics. But, you’re raid leaders should let you know about those new changes in advance.

Classic Aura durations / Omni CD

Classic Aura Duration or Omni CD both help to keep track of the duration of your spells. Affliction Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Balance Druids or other DoT damage classes will find this completely necessary.


Details is a great damage, healing, and, in Classic, it has a threat meter plug-in built-in. The addon has great personalisation features, allowing you to add multiple windows, change font size text, and update how many intervals you want. All in all, it is a fantastic addon that will keep all the information you could ever want in a simple location.


Questie is the ultimate addon for your classic leveling experience. It helps you track quests on the map, pointing you from A to B every step of the way. The update took a while to get its update, but, it is here, ready for your WoW Classic addon list.

Any other addons you think are completely necessary on the Classic WoW Season of Mastery addon list. Let us know in the comments below.

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