The Call of Duty Vanguard download size will be 30% smaller

Good news, Call of Duty fans! It turns out that Call of Duty Vanguard’s download size will be 30%-50% smaller than previous titles. So, let your mechanical disk rejoice as they will no lager get absolutely pounded, nor will your smaller sized SSD’s need to have everything uninstalled to play this year’s Call of Duty.

Why is the Call of Duty Vanguard download size 30% smaller?

It seems that since the Call of Duty Vanguard beta ended, Activision’s CoD developer studios have been hard at work getting the game ready for its launch on November 5. It turns out that one of the things the teams have been up to is making it much more tech-friendly. CoD Vanguard should now be roughly 30%-50% smaller in storage size thanks to new on-demand texture streaming.