The Canon EOS R is a Great Camera, and It’s a Good Price Right Now

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Guess what? I still use the original Canon EOS R almost every day. The Canon EOS R isn’t that far off from being the Canon EOS R5. And it’s at a good price right now. It’s a bit hard to get your hands on brand new Canon gear at the moment. But that’s alright, Amazon has a ton of awesome renewed and refurbished cameras and lenses. I personally prefer to buy refurbished since it usually means that it’s been extra well tested. You can get the Canon EOS R5 with the 24-105mm f4 and a bunch of other goodies for a really great price right now. The 24-105mm f4 is a great lens with lots of image stabilization capabilities. We were able to handhold the combo to well below 1/20th at the long end with the R5. If you want, there are even renewed lens options available at the moment, and some of them are tilt-shift!

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