The Halo Infinite store leaks anger players over MTX strategy

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Halo Infinite is getting hammered at the minute with leaks. So far, there has been a  cinematic leak for the campaign, a Battle Royale style game mode, and now, there’s a leak regarding the store. The first two leaks are actually somewhat exciting. However, the Halo Infinite store leak is not that exciting. So far, there are already 80+ store items datamined for season 1, which some Redditors are estimating costs over $1000 if you want them all.

Halo Infinite store leak

There are some pretty grim realities in the Halo Infinite store leak. One of the potential realities we could face is a heavy restricted Yoroi Samurai Spartan armor. If you want more base colours, rather than the default orange, you’ll need to get the store’s colour varieties. Meanwhile, it appears that some of the Halo Reach characters have had their armor datamined, implying there is Reach themed content hitting the store outside of a potential reach themed free tier event.

While the Halo Infinite multiplayer is free to play, an MTX store is expected. However, it appears there needs to be a way to get these skins through free methods. If players get to miss out on iconic content from other Halo games, then it’s a bit disappointing. Other games that have an MTX store tend to offer players free loot boxes or some form of free store access points. As it stands, we only get a free event pass every now and then as a way of unlocking new skins and armor types.

This possibility seems to be angering players, who now feel they have no real creative freedom for their unique look without having to pay. Microsoft was recently under criticism for the slow battle pass grind, which they are starting to backpedal on now. Perhaps the outrage may mean Microsoft and 343 may come up with a new strategy to make it a bit easier to get some cosmetics outside of paying for almost all of it.