The new PS5 revision has a much smaller heatsink

Last week, the new revision of the PlayStation 5 went on sale in certain markets with only one visible difference: a different kind of screw on the stand. It was, however, also 300g lighter – a not insignificant reduction, even in a console as hefty as the 6.7kg PS5.

Thanks to a new video from YouTuber Austin Evans, we now have an idea as to how this 4.5% weight loss was possible. And it’s probably not good news in terms of longevity as the video’s provocative title – “The New PS5 is Worse” – suggests.

In the video, Evans compares two PS5 Digital Edition units – one launch model purchased in the United States (CFI-1015B), and one shipped overnight from Japan (CFI-1100B). After running through a series of tests, it becomes clear that while the new unit is marginally quieter (43.5db against 42.1db), it runs quite a bit hotter, with Evans’ measurements showing a consistent 3-5 degrees more heat coming off it.

“That might not seem exciting, but that is actually enough to cause some difference in either the performance or the longevity of the console,” Evans explains. 

Tearing it down, the reason for this becomes clear pretty quickly: the heatsink on the newer model is significantly smaller. Here are the two side by side, as captured by the video:

“There is no scenario that this is good,” Evans cautions, and he’s right. Reducing the size of the heatsink means that cooling will be impacted, and that could affect the lifespan of the console, even if it runs slightly quieter (something Evans observes isn’t really noticeable if you’re a normal distance away from the PS5.)

Not only does reducing the size of the heatsink reduce the cost per unit for Sony, but the weight lost also means the company could end up paying less to ship them around the world. Perhaps, therefore, it’s no coincidence that Sony recently announced it was no longer making a loss on each console produced.

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