The Spotify HiFi launch could be just around the corner

Earlier this year, Spotify revealed that it would be releasing a high-resolution audio tier called Spotify HiFi, but the company didn’t confirm a specific release date. Now, a video has leaked suggesting the HiFi launch could be imminent. 

HiFi is Spotify’s answer to the growing demand for high-resolution or lossless audio. Lossless audio is closer in quality to original music recordings, meaning listeners will be able to hear more depth and clarity with this new tier compared to what they gain from the free version of Spotify or Spotify Premium. 

The video – which was first posted on Reddit by user Nickx000x (via What Hi-Fi?) – is captioned, “Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming HiFi onboarding process from modifying the app”. 

The video offers what is essentially a tour of Spotify HiFi. It begins with a green HiFi logo, before moving to a screen that says “Welcome to the best way to listen to music on Spotify”. 

According to this page, once you access Spotify HiFi, high-fidelity songs will be loaded and your audio settings adjusted automatically. 

The next page explains that a green light will appear next to a track if you have access to lossless HiFi quality. You can also tap this button to check your status and learn why the green light might not appear next to a track. 

The tour also encourages users to play their music through a compatible device with Spotify Connect, explaining that this is the “best way to listen in HiFi”. This makes sense as we expect you’ll need a good pair of headphones or speakers to get the full experience from the high-resolution format. 

You can watch the full video on YouTube below: 

There’s no way to verify that this video gives us a legitimate look at Spotify HiFi, so you should take the information in this virtual tour with a grain of salt.

However, if the video is real, it looks as though Spotify HiFi could be ready for launch any day now.

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