The ultimate Canon EOS R5 vs R6 comparison – Which is the right camera for you?

The issue of which is the “best camera” comes up every single day on social media. Many times. But the reality is that there’s no single best camera out there. If there was, it would be the only camera that people owned and the only camera available. There are cameras out there, though, that may not be objectively “the best”, but they’re certainly the best for your needs.

In this video, Kevin Raposo takes a side-by-side look at the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 mirrorless cameras in a very detailed 20+ minute breakdown going over 20 different aspects of both cameras to talk about where each one shines and why you might want to pick one over the other.

Kevin covers a bunch of different aspects of both cameras during the video and talks about which is objectively best, but also when the other can have its advantages depending on your needs.

  • 0:38 Price
  • 1:36 Megapixels & Image Quality
  • 3:05 Dynamic Range
  • 3:40 Autofocus
  • 4:18 Ergonomics
  • 5:16 Build Quality
  • 6:43 LCD Screen
  • 7:07 Viewfinder
  • 7:32 Burst Mode & Buffer
  • 8:48 Memory Cards
  • 10:09 Rolling Shutter
  • 11:18 Low Light Performance
  • 12:13 Image Stabilization
  • 12:36 Camera Connections
  • 13:45 Flash Performance
  • 14:08 Reliability & Overheating
  • 14:57 Lens Options
  • 15:19 Battery Life
  • 16:40 Video Modes
  • 18:15 Video Features

Both cameras tied on some aspects, the EOS R5 won a few and the EOS R6 won a few. Overall, the EOS R5 is objectively the “best” camera of the two, but when you consider your actual needs, is it really the best for you? Some of the features the EOS R5 has over the EOS R6 might not be an issue for you, depending on what it is you want to shoot. And if that’s the case then other aspects like the price simply cannot be ignored.

Which of these cameras best fits your needs? Do you shoot with either of them already?

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