The Witcher 3: Best mods (visual, characters, loot & weapons)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is famed for its extensive open world and enrapturing storyline. The game received universal acclaim for its unique characters, impressive scenery, and top-notch storytelling but nothing is ever truly perfect and The Witcher 3 is no exception. This list is comprised of mods that make the game even more enjoyable, some are simple cosmetic mods whilst others tweak features of the gameplay in one way or another to make it work just that little bit better.   

To keep things simple all these Mods can be found on To download them for yourself simply search for the Mods you like the look of in Nexus and go from there or simply click the link in the description below.

Character Mods

Fast Travel From Anywhere
Created by: JupiterTheGod


Normally for fast travel, you need to be near one of the multiple signposts that are scattered around the open world. With this Mod, however, searching for a signpost is a thing of the past. Whilst it’s not always a bad thing to travel on foot, taking in the scenery and coming across new places, can be a pretty tedious task, especially for veteran players who are already familiar with the map and know where they’re trying to go. It’s a great addition to the game that makes completing quests much easier since you no longer have to waste time traveling on foot (or horseback of course).

Over 9000- Weight Limit Mod
Created by: GiecuMan


Who doesn’t love a good Dragon Ball reference? This Mod is pretty self-explanatory, it increases Geralt’s weight limit to over 9000 (9999 to be exact) meaning you no longer have to worry about throwing items away. This Mod is especially useful for holding heavier items such as weapons and armor, it’s also good for items that players think will become important later. Now instead of looking up every possibly important item, you find to check if it is actually important, you can just save it for later without giving too much thought to your inventory. Lastly, it’s an especially helpful Mod for all you hoarders out there who can’t bear to part with sentimental items. That sword you never use but like the look of? Keep it, you’ve got room, you deserve pretty things.

No Fall Damage Perfect 
Created by: Virtux


This Mod is an improved version of a previous popular Mod (No Fall Damage by SunBroDave) 

One of the biggest issues players had with Witcher 3 was the fact that Geralt could come face to face with werewolves and cyclopes and leave relatively unscathed, but God forbid he tries to jump down one flight of stairs. The sensitivity of fall damage was tedious at best and absolutely infuriating at worst, but No Fall Damage Perfect is here to fix that. This Mod removes all fall damage meaning you can jump off high buildings Assassins Creed style without taking any form of damage. The difference between the original Mod and the Perfect addition is with the Perfect Mod no matter how high the fall Geralt won’t die, the original version did have some limitations in that if you fell from a great enough height you would die instantly, so really it depends on what level of realism you’re looking for. Either way, both mods are infinitely better than the original gameplay.

Visual Mods

All Quest Objectives On The Map
Created by: Wolfmark


As stated earlier The Witcher 3 is famed for its storyline which is told through the main quest and a magnitude of side quests. The problem with this? Keeping up with all your quests can be confusing, and that’s where this Mod comes in. All Quest Objectives On The Map makes it much easier to keep track of all your active quests by pinning the quest locations on the map. Whilst it doesn’t show you any quests that you don’t already have in your journal it does make it much easier to keep up with the quests you have found. You can also change the tracked quest directly on the map by simply clicking on a different quest pin. The pins can also be hidden as this mod is compatible with a pre-existing pin filtering mechanism. As if that wasn’t enough this Mod also pins the locations of merchants discovered after installing the Mod, by default some merchant pins would appear when you were close to them, this Mod saves their locations and adds the pin whenever you open the map.

Absolute Camera
Created by: pMarK


There’s nothing worse than a game with a frustrating camera, in-fact sometimes it can completely ruin the immersion of the game. Think about the last game where you got to that one big boss fight only to lose because the camera angle made it near impossible to see. With this Mod there’s no need to worry about that as Absolute Camera gives you a plethora of customizable options for your camera. Maybe you want an up-close shot for combat and a wide shot for swimming? It’s completely up to you with this Mod.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 
Created by: Halk Hogan PL


This Mod takes this already impressive-looking game to a whole other level. It improves the graphics quality of essentially everything in the game, from the terrain to NPCs this Mod makes everything look crisper, whilst still staying true to the game’s original style. This is a welcome improvement for fans since this Mod doesn’t make the game unrecognizable, it just makes it look like a cleaner cut version of itself. If you still need convincing just look at the side-by-side of before and after the Mod, if it makes dirt look this good just think about what it will do to the other parts of the game.

Friendly HUD
Created by: wghost81


Friendly HUD makes customizing your HUD easy, giving you the option to switch parts of your HUD off and on as you please, creating better immersion in the gameplay. By switching parts of the HUD off your screen is less cluttered and you’re free to take in all the beautiful scenery of Witcher 3 without things like the mini-map in the way. You can customize this however you want, so if you always want your health bar visible but don’t want your control buttons visible you can toggle them on and off with this Mod, it’s completely up to you.

Weapons/Combat Mods

Auto Oil Apply
Created by: SheepDarklord


Another one that does pretty much what it says on the tin. It can be annoying having to open your inventory at the start of every combat encounter to apply the most effective oils for the situation, with this Mod the hard work is done for you. This Mod works by scanning the enemies around you when combat starts and applying the most effective oils automatically, making combat quicker, simpler, and much easier. This is a good one for those new to the game who still haven’t fully grasped the oils system or even older players who don’t want to waste time manually applying oils at the start of every battle. 

Indestructible Items 
Created by: SunBroDave


This Mod completely removes weapon degradation which means no matter how many hits you give, or how many you take, weapons and armor will always be at 100% durability. This is great news for players as it means that you won’t ever have to repair your weapons or armor. It also means that your weapons will always be working at their maximum damage and your armor will be working at maximum defense which is exactly what you want when you’re minding your own business and you suddenly come face to face with an Archgriffin.

The Enhancement System 
Created by: Mangekyoumadara1987


This one is a pretty big one, it works to improve/tweak multiple aspects of the game. First of all, it gives all the Relic Swords upgrades making them more useful to the player, the Mod promises that no Relic weapon will have the same effects as before. The Mod also gives the player access to NPC weapons such as Eredins sword, Zoltan’s axe, and a whole host of others which is a nice feature. It also affects other weapons in the game such as crossbows, armor, and throwable knives. It doesn’t just stop there though as this Mod also has features outside of weapons. It adds extra money into the world for you to find, shows you the true value of an item before you sell it, an enhanced crafting menu, new animation features, and more items like herbs, books, and diagrams. This Mod is a real overhaul that improves many facets of the game making it very useful to the player’s overall gaming experience.

Created by: Andrzej Kwiatkowski


Created by an actual Witcher 3 dev you can expect this Mod to be a good one and it doesn’t disappoint. This Mod doesn’t make any deep changes to the game instead it works in the background to improve parts of the game whilst keeping in tune with the original intentions of the game design. There are too many changes to list them all but most of the changes are to create better immersion in the game for example speeding up animations for when flying monsters are shot out of the sky and the Witcher sense increasing visibility in the dark without using any potions. The Mod also includes changes to NPC’s, character development, item upgrades, weapon upgrades, potion upgrades, and much more. Think of it as a Witcher 3 2.0.

Loot Mods

AutoLoot The Items You Want
Created by: JupiterTheGod


Autoloot gets rid of the tedious manual loot popups, the Mod comes with customizable features so you can pick and choose which items you want to automatically loot. It’s a great way to bulk up your inventory with the things you need without going through the hassle of clicking through every possible loot item. Not only can you filter through which types of items you want to pick up you can also filter items by how much they weigh and, if it’s a container, you can choose to only loot ones that contain a certain number of items. Another good feature of this Mod is that it doesn’t steal, meaning you won’t find yourself in any unnecessary brawls due to accidental stealing.

The Useful Witcher Tool Innkeeper
Created by: Mangekyoumadara1987


This Mod makes it much easier for you to prepare for a hunt, by supplying the innkeeper at Rosemary and Thyme with all the games potions, oils, decocts, bombs, runes, mutagens, and arrows for you to purchase. Having all these items available in one place saves time for the player since you no longer have to scour the entire map looking for all the different items. The Mod also places this plethora of useful items right next to your player’s chest for maximum convenience and gives the player a central point to prepare themselves for any quest Witcher 3 has to offer.

Increased Creature Loot
Created by: mindkiller316


If you’ve ever been frustrated by how many deer you have to hunt before you get anywhere near the amount of loot you want then this Mod was made for you. Whether you’re searching for monster parts or looking to make extra money it can be a trying task when only a few of the creatures you kill drop loot, this mod makes it so that all creatures drop loot. This Mod comes in five different choices starting from 1- Purist, which makes it so that monsters and animals always drop loot but doesn’t make any changes to the type of loot or the amount of loot dropped. Going all the way up to 5- ICL Ultimate which does what level 1 does with the bonus of increasing the amount of loot dropped, increases the chances of certain creatures dropping jewelry or and increases the chance of natural parts dropping as opposed to generic monster parts. 

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