The WoW Awakenings leak is very likely fake, but the premise interests me

Hello everyone, today, I want to talk about the recent WoW Awakings leak published on 4chan, which now exists forever in the void of Reddit. It made a good conversation starter in my guild since leaks are always exciting times for people interested in their favorite IPs. However, we quickly realized it is more than likely fake. Why? Because of the last few high profile leaks, and the infographic has a bleedingly obvious typo that hurts the editorial team at WePC – ‘Buld your own airship’, ouch!

Take the Sylvanus BFA ending for example. A beautifully rendered image of Sylvanus and a bunch of spooky ghosts on the docks of Stormwind, signifying her victory and the start of Shadowlands. That never happened. Never forget the tinker class either, that seems to be a pipe dream at this point, – but I’ll accept something might come of that when the lore team remembers Mekkatorque is in an ice prison since Dazar’alor.

Sylvanus Shadowlands leak
Remember this piece of fake news?

However, there is something about the leak that I cannot take my mind off, and that is hope. I am like most players who play World of Warcraft. We have become Ethereal-like in our nature, disappearing from WoW, arriving at FFXIV, ESO, New World, Lost Ark and whatever other 2021 MMO gets thrown our way. But, WoW is our home, and we want it to be great. These days, many WoW players want to return to WoW, even if we tell ourselves we won’t – I am among this very crowd. Many of us want to return, but on our terms, and not Blizzard’s. No matter how much Shadowlands changes, it just isn’t going to cut it. 9.1.5 wasn’t enough, as it was a thing many players like Preach called for way back in Alpha. Not to mention the expansion is tainted with delays, large content droughts, bad press, and, of course, systems we don’t care for. 9.2 getting added to the PTR CDN creates some excitement. But, it has heavy baggage it won’t shake until 10.0.