The Xtar 7 in 1 battery charger for the EOS R series begins shipping | Canon Rumors

Two things I can see about this. First a fast charger is not something you want. Everyone will think they want it but it basically is a great way of killing batteries. I used a fast charger on my iPhone and about 18 months later the battery needed replacing. My wife’s phone was bought at the same time and only charged with normal chargers was still on 99% of original capacity.

Secondly, no one answers the key question. Does it actually do the job you want, which is to fully charge the battery to 100% of its capacity. I’ve never come across a 3rd party charger or a USB charger that will actually fully charge an LP-E6, LP-E6N or LP-E6NH. I’ve tried a whole slew of them and they only ever seem to get to about 90% and then give up. You then have to remove the battery and put them back on to top up. Even then they don’t seem get to 100%.

So those who have used this charger does it do the job or leave you flat. I see above that it seems to have a problem with LP-E6 batteries anyway. Which would kill it for me.

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