This Beautiful Nikon F in Slate Grey Will Capture Your Heart

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Considering how much hype there is around the Nikon ZFc, anyone who owns a Nikon F is probably really treasuring it right now. Most Nikon F cameras come in the standard silver or black. But every now and again, you can find one in a rare color. That’s what we have today at the Rare Camera Store. This Nikon F comes in Slate Gray and was powder coated after purchase. It’s incredibly unique, stunning to look at, and more than happy to shoot a roll of Tri-X. Yes, cameras can be happy! 😉

Welcome to the Rare Camera Store: a joint initiative between The Phoblographer and the wonderful folks at Blue Moon Camera. We work to bring you some of the coolest and rarest items for a great price.

You can get this camera for only $300 in perfect working condition. Here’s what the listing over at Blue Moon Camera says:

“The first camera in Nikon’s famed F series of professional cameras.  The Nikon F was built upon the design of the Nikon SP rangefinder and introduced to the world in 1959.  It also introduced Nikon’s F-mount bayonet lens system that is still in use today – and this camera can use most of those lenses. 

The Nikon F helped popularize the 35mm SLR as the photojournalist cameras and F cameras have traveled all around this world, continuously making pictures along the way.

They are a bit creaky with age these days, and there are several newer alternatives that are well worth considering but a Nikon F is still a great camera, and one you can count on being with you for decades and decades.”

Blue Moon Camera

This specific Nikon F comes in Slate Gray paint with a non-metered prism finder. It’s designed to use Nikon Non-Ai lenses. With that said, grab a Nikon lens with an aperture ring and manual focus.

In the modern film photography world, the Nikon F has become a staple for lots of photographers. They are well built, reliable, and have many beautiful lenses that can be used with them. I try to shop for all mechanical cameras when I can. So much less can go wrong with them, and they’re often built very soundly. If a camera has a shutter that needs battery power, then many problems can occur. But this Nikon F is perfect because if you metering, you’ll just need to buy the prism that has it. Otherwise, you’re shooting all manual all the time.

Want to know how great the Nikon F is? It turns 62 years old this year. According to an article we wrote a while back, the Nikon F was designed because of the problems telephoto lenses have with rangefinders.

“When the Nikon F was introduced, it filled the gap left by the limitations of the rangefinder camera by combining many of the features that already existed in models by other manufacturers. The Nikon SP and S3 35mm rangefinder cameras were already near perfect in terms of mechanism, and boasted of outstanding performance when paired with standard or wide-angle lenses. However, using telephoto lenses with focal lengths of 135mm and above required the addition of an optional reflex box.”

Head on over to Blue Moon Camera to make a purchase on this gem of a camera.

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