This Canon Lens Brings Your Wide-Angle Film Dreams to Life

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There has been a movement in the past decade to kill the fisheye lens. It’s unfortunate for sure. So instead, photographers have searched for the cleanest wide-angle lenses they could get. One of the best was the Canon 11-24mm f4 L USM EF Lens. Launched in 2015, it was one of the company’s last and best lenses for the EF mount. That means that it will work just fine on your Canon EF film camera. Best of all, we’ve got one in the Rara Camera Store right now.

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A photographer that gets the Canon 11-24mm f4 should put it on their camera and head into the coolest landscape they know. Go for the most unique angles you can find, and have fun with them. Back in 2016, we reviewed the lens on digital. And here’s a snippet of what we said: 

“The overall image quality of the lens is something remarkable. Sure, loads of other lenses deliver more contrast and that’s a look I love and that is inherently a part of digital photography. But these images and the colors from this lens don’t feel digital. They feel a bit more like well processed and carefully exposed medium format film. Then there’s the sharpness; overall it’s very good. I’d still say there are sharper wide angle primes on the market, but those are primes. You have to expect that.”

But of course, we’re angling that you shoot with this lens on film. So how does it look on film? Well, the folks over at Blue Moon camera have kindly donated some images shot with this lens and Foma 200 film.

And here’s what Blue Moon Camera is saying about this Canon lens:

This Canon 11-24mm f4 L USM EF lens (serial number 20090675) is an ultra-wide angle zoom lens compatible with Canon EOS film and digital cameras.  It can be used on both EF and EF-S mount Canon SLRs.

This 11-24mm f4 is one of the widest professional lenses on the market.  It features advanced optical design including both super ultra-low dispersion and ultra-low dispersion elements for maximum sharpness and minimal chromatic aberration.  It also has subwavelength coating (SWC) and air sphere coating (ASC) to vastly reduce flares and ghosting.  Furthermore the optics have a protective flourine coating to resist fingerprints and smudging.  This lens also has Canon’s USM auto-focus system, internal focusing elements, and a fixed f4 aperture through the entire zoom range.  This is truly a gem of a lens and would be ideal in architectural or landscape photography.

This lens has hardly been used and is in like new condition with the original box.

Canon really, really worked to get rid of the distortion from this lens. Of course, there’s also the older 8-15mm Fisheye zoom lens. But this lens wasn’t that. If you want that old Fisheye look, go for that lens. Otherwise, reach for this one.

Should you get this lens and adapt it to the Canon RF camera lineup? Why not! It’s got that beautiful Canon color. Otherwise, you can adapt it to the Sony FE camera lineup pretty readily. 

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