This elaborate squirrel feeding machine shot on a GoPro cameras is both amazing and adorable

Who doesn’t love a Rube Goldberg machine? Recipient of the GoPro Awards, Cree Osner created this delightful video shot on a GoPro HERO8 Black and the GoPro MAX. Cree glued some peanuts to a domino and then had to wait a further 14 hours in a bush for a squirrel to set the machine off, that’s dedication!

As you can imagine, there were a number of problems that had to be solved, apart from the actual making of the machine itself. This video needed to be shot in just one entire take, so Cree built the machine in a circle around a 360-degree camera, then added extra cameras for additional shots. He couldn’t be too close to the action or he’d scare the animals away.

Other problems included wind and rain. The components had to be made windproof, and many of the parts weren’t waterproof so Cree had to quickly bring them inside whenever rain threatened. Other unexpected issues were birds and other animals.

“Instead of waiting inside for the squirrels to knock over the dominoes, I had to hide in bushes to make sure birds or chipmunks didn’t trigger the machine instead. Birds landed on all parts of this machine!”

Cree built several smaller machines to test them out and also tried the machine for a couple of hours each day to ensure success on the actual day of filming. “My cameras would overheat, I would get hungry, and bored,” He says. This is absolute dedication to this art form and seeing a final project through to completion.

He said that he is “super pumped to finish up the video before the summer heat though!”. You can follow Cree on Youtube and Instagram for more amazing chain reaction machines.

[Via YouTube]

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