This watch is like a stylish TLR camera for your wrist

Perhaps you remember these gorgeous lens-inspired watches from TACS. The Japanese brand has done it again, this time creating Automatic Twin Lens. It’s an elegant TLR-inspired watch for all you vintage camera enthusiasts. I find this one the most beautiful so far, so let’s take a peek at the story behind it.

I love it that TACS shares the story behind TLR cameras, introducing them to those who may not be into vintage gear. “First released in the late 1920s, twin-lens cameras were widely used by photojournalists and correspondents to document World War II in Europe thanks to its robust and periscopic design,” the company writes. “It was said that the inventor came up with the idea for the camera during World War I on a trench while peeping through a periscope.” Probably the most used and the most popular ones today are those made by Rolleiflex.

But back to the watch. I must admit I don’t know much about watches, I only know if I like how they look or not – and I love this one! It combines a silver-toned clock face, the TLR-inspired dial, and a brown leather bracelet. TACS notes that a lot of time and effort is devoted to each and every piece:

“The distinct multi-layer twin lens dial consists of 19 individual parts, and each one is hand-assembled by a TACS watchmaker in Japan. To ensure every single part is put together with the highest level of craftsmanship and precision possible, there is a limit of 10 timepieces a watchmaker can assemble daily.”

The new Automatic Twin Lens is 20% lighter than its predecessor Automatic Vintage Lens II. It features three luminous hands and is powered by Miyota 8N24 automatic skeleton movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. The timepiece also is water-resistant down to 100 m/329 ft (10 bar).

Here are the specs. We share gear specs, so why not do the same with a watch? 🙂

The Automatic Twin Lens is available for orders on TACS’ website, and it will set you back $579. You can choose the engraving you want; it’s included in the price. In case you can’t afford it… Well, you can try making your own. It’s not nearly as elegant, but hey, it takes photos!

[via PetaPixel]

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