Turn any room into a right-side-up camera obscura with the BonfotonUP kit: Digital Photography Review

Finland-based company Bonfoton has announced the BonfotonUP kit, a product you can use to turn any room into a right-side-up camera obscura.

Bonfoton originally released a camera obscura lens in 2017, although the Bonfoton Camera Obscura Room Lens projected the image upside down, like a traditional camera obscura. When that product was announced in 2017, the husband and wife team, Tommi and Annika, talked about starting Bonfoton, ‘We founded the Bonfoton store after we saw what the Camera Obscura room does to people emotionally when they see the effect for the first time,” explains the couple. “From a child only a few years old to a grandpa age 65 the amazement is the same. First a WOW! Or the OMG!? And then the silent stare when they realize that the image is alive and moving.’

It’s still a two-person operation in southern Finland, but the new BonfotonUP offers even more amazement by turning the image right-side-up. The BonfotonUP was designed with the help of an optical system design professor and a mechanical engineer. It’s not a simple task to get the image right-side-up while maintaining good sharpness.

BonfotonUP includes a pair of interchangeable lenses for use in rooms of different sizes and can attach directly to a window using a suction cup. It can also be mounted on a tripod. The device includes a thumbscrew for tilt and to adjust the image vertically on the wall. The two included lenses are 4000mm and 3200mm. You can learn more about which lens work best for different rooms by visiting Bonfoton’s FAQ page.

The BonfotonUP is made of CNC-milled aluminum with a black anodized finish. It includes a 400g (14 oz.) high-quality optical-grade prism. This prism inverts the upside-down image, allowing for an upright image. In total, the BonfotonUP weighs 825g (29.1 oz.). It is 75mm (2.95″) wide, 135mm (5.3″) long and 155mm (6.1″) tall. You can learn how to install the device in the video below.

The BonfotonUP kit is available for €439, which is around $515 USD. The kit is currently on sale for €373, which is just under $440. If you’d like to see what it looks like in real-world use, Bonfoton showcases many images on its Instagram page.

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