Turn your male model from Forrest Gump to Jason Statham with these ten posing tips

There are plenty of tips out there for posing women who aren’t models. However, tips for posing male non-models are still not that common, so we always love when we find some useful ones. Well, this video from Adorama has quite a few of them. Pye Jirsa teams up with Derek Pratt to share ten male posing tips in about ten minutes. Other than having fun watching Derek goof around, you’ll learn some great tricks for turning your model from Forest Gump to Jason Statham.

Pye starts from “the worst-case scenario,” directing Derek to stand completely straight and look towards the camera. From there on, he adjusts Derek’s pose bit by bit, showing you how each of the corrections affects the overall pose and the resulting images. It’s all about body language, and you need to think about what you want your subject to communicate.

1.& 2. Feet: have your subject stand with the feet around the shoulders width and toes facing slightly outward.

3. Hips: men can usually get away with standing straight up. However, if your subject leans to one side, it will make him appear more natural and relaxed (contrapposto).

4. Hands: even when we’re not in front of the camera, we do something with our hands. We keep them crossed, in our pockets, on our hips… When taking a photo of someone, give their hands a purpose. You can give your model some props or have him adjust his tie or jewelry. A safe option is also to direct him to put one hand in the pocket and have the other hang freely.

5. The spine: direct your model to straighten their spine. He can imagine a string pulling him up from the top of his hand. Still, he should relax the shoulders a bit so that he doesn’t look uncomfortable.

6, 7. & 8. Neck and jaw: direct your model to extend his neck a little forward: this makes the jawline look more defined. Then, angle his body away from the light, and have him turn his chin back towards the light. This creates a more dramatic effect, but it’s also great if you want to make the subject appear a little leaner.

9. Lower the camera: the angle at which you shoot also communicates a message. To make the man appear more powerful, shoot at a slightly lower angle. This will also make the legs appear a little longer, which you can emphasize even more if you use a wider lens such as 24 or 35mm.

10. Get the details: when you’re done with the full-body shots, get closer and capture some details. Give your model something to do and create some dynamic shots. Remember to never cut the frame at the model’s joints or the places where the body widens (like hips).

The “Forest Gump to Jason Statham” comparison is how Derek describes the photos Pye took after adjusting Derek’s pose. It cracked me up, and I think it’s a perfect way to describe this process from the “worst-case scenario” to a flattering pose for your male subject. The difference is indeed huge, so have these tips in mind the next time you take photos of a groom, groomsmen, or just your male buddies.

[Posing Tips For Men In Ten Minutes | Master Your Craft | Adorama]

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