Twitch’s 10,000th top earner – who is Dwarf_Mamba?

Among the 10,000 names listed among the top Twitch earners in the first tranche of leaked data is Dwarf_Mamba. As the person listed last on the 10k list, we thought we’d look into who they were, rather than keep focusing on the big guys earning all the big bucks.

According to the hacked Twitch data, Dwarf_Mamba (aka Evan Eckenrode) has earned a respectable $23,520.42 from donations and subs since 2019. Not a trifling amount for someone who began streaming on Twitch in 2017 and has amassed over a quarter of a million followers and over 800,000 views. An obvious fan of Warzone, Valorant, and Rocket League, Eckenrode streams most days a week and recently declared a mild obsession for New World, which is to be expected given how popular Amazon Games’ MMORPG currently is.

Dwarf Mamba on YouTube

Away from Twitch, Eckenrode has an even bigger (and certainly more lucrative) presence on YouTube, with 2.8m subscribers, he goes beyond games and into comedy and other aspects of his life. Before launching his YouTube channel he was popular on Vine and was apparently a gold medalist at the World Dwarf Games – which gives you some idea how he settled on his Twitch handle.

Having watched some of Dwarf_Mamba’s videos and streams, he appears well deserving of his modest Twitch income, though not his meagre 10,000 placing. Here’s hoping that when the next Twitch leak is revealed, he’s up amongst the higher earners.

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