Unbelievable HomePod mini deal is a Siri-ously good offer

The Apple HomePod mini continues to get better over time so there’s never been a better time to snap up your very own Siri-powered smart speaker(s).

Over on eBay, you can nab an Apple HomePod mini in Space Grey for just £76, which is almost 25% off the price Apple asks for the speaker on its UK store.

The offer comes from the AO story on eBay, and includes fast, free delivery with 30 day returns if you’re not satisfied. AO currently has more than ten of these available.

The HomePod mini is a five-star gadget that continues to improve as time goes on. Since the launch of the Apple TV 4K, you can pair two of these little speakers for Dolby Atmos and surround sound in the home.

HomePod mini will also support spatial audio for Apple Music subscribers in a forthcoming update, giving some of your favourite tunes a new dimension. The software update hasn’t arrived yet, but it’ll be well worth it if you’re an Apple Music users

Our review praised the HomePod mini’s incredible sound within a small body. We also praised the price and voice controls on offer. If you don’t use an iPhone and other Apple services, the HomePod mini will be less useful.

In giving the HomePod mini a perfect 5-star score, our reviewer David Ludlow said the speaker had improved greatly upon the larger original device.

“A speaker this size just shouldn’t sound as good as the Apple HomePod Mini does. With poise and balance, this speaker can handle everything you throw at it, delivering impressive room-filling volume, too.

“It’s a decent smart speaker, too, controlling anything in your Home app with ease, while the new Thread hub lets you attach some smart peripherals directly. This speaker is still a little Apple centric, and it would be nice to have Spotify better integrated. That said, for £99, this smart speaker is brilliantly priced and sounds better than any of its similarly-priced competition.”

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