Up to £150 off these Acer Laptop early Black Friday 2021 deals

Are you in the market for Acer Laptop early Black Friday 2021 deals? Well, it seems like Acer have you covered if you’re shopping for a brand-new laptop this Black Friday season, as they’ve already slashed the price on two very different laptops that you might be looking for ahead of Black Friday 2021. Be sure to keep your eyes out as one of these laptops is a Chromebook, which is ideal for students and people who just want to do basic tasks on their device like watching Netlfix in addition to editing office documents, reading emails, and more. The other laptop is definitely a more high-powered variant for those of you who like to live in Excel spreadsheets or work with video or image editing on the go and require a little bit more horsepower than the average joe.

Be aware that these deals are indeed UK only, so for our friends across the pond who might be looking for a brand new laptop, be sure to check out our page for the best laptop deals of Black Friday 2021.

It might be a Chromebook, but this Laptop still packs a hefty punch in addition to some fantastic features at an even better price, you can find a touchscreen on this device, in addition to the Spin 514’s durable hinge allowing you to put it into a ‘tablet’ mode for easier viewing, or if you want to use tablet apps on your laptop from the Microsoft store. In addition to this, the laptop is also equipped with a Ryzen 5 3500C processor, which means that it’s no slouch when it comes to if you want to start using heavier chrome extensions or applications such as Photopea, so nothing is going to slow you down. Boasting over 10 hours of battery life, you certainly don’t want to miss out on this fantastic Chromebook offer. It’s also a good solution for anyone that’s already invested in the Chromebook ecosystem in addition to wanting to play cloud games, as the form factor makes it ideal for tucking your keyboard in favor of getting your controller out and launching Stadia or Xcloud to play some of the latest games on the go.

That’s not it for our Acer Laptop early Black Friday 2021 deals. One of the better laptop deals we’ve seen is this fantastic Acer Swift 3 laptop, which boasts a featherweight size and form factor, coming in at a razor-thin 16mm profile and weighing just 1.2kg, meaning that you’ll never notice it while taking the device out and about. That’s not to say that being light doesn’t make it powerful, though. The Acer Swift 3 is packed to the gills with everything that you would want from a mobile workstation, with ample storage, a strong processor, and 8GB of RAM to power all those hungry, hungry Windows applications. The included Ryzen 5700U Processor also allows you to do some more intensive tasks, such as using the Adobe Suite if you’re a creative professional, and even might be good for the programmers out there who are looking to compile builds of that all-important project while on the go. Don’t miss out on this early deal and grab yourself a bargain.

You can find more deals around the Black Friday 2021 shopping season right here.

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