Gordon Laing, Editor of Camera Labs, is back again with another installment of Retro Review. This time, he’s taking a look at the Coolpix 100, Nikon’s first consumer digital camera released back in 1996.

In the ten-minute review, Laing shows off the quirks of the 25-year-old camera, which featured a .3MP (512 x 480 pixels) sensor, a 6.2mm F4 lens (52mm full-frame equiv.), 1MB and used a Type II PC Card ATA interface for using external storage. The device ran on four AA (LR6) batteries and featured a rather unique vertical design that included a centered optical viewfinder with the camera and flash on opposite sides of the viewfinder.

As you can see from the gallery of images Laing captured with the camera, the resulting shots certainly show the age of the camera, but are impressive considering the day and age in which it was released:

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Image credits: Photos by Gordon Laing, used with permission.