Video: Hasselblad shows how it produces, tests its X System medium format cameras: Digital Photography Review

Hasselblad has released the third video in its ongoing ‘Hasselblad Home’ series, showcasing how the Swedish company produces and tests its X System medium format cameras inside its Gothenburg headquarters.

Throguhout the four-minute video, Hasselblad shows the five-step production and testing process it uses to ensure all X System cameras are properly constructed and programmed to get the best image quality possible. The first step in the process is a cosmetic check to ensure the camera body itself is undamaged from the manufacturing process. If it clears the cosmetic check, that camera is assigned a serial number, which will follow it until it reaches the hands of the customer.

With the serial number assigned, it’s onto installing the software of the camera and completing more assembly of the main camera unit. Hasselblad says it tests each sensor independently — by capturing over 700 test shots — and uses that data to create a calibration profile that is then installed on the camera that specific sensor unit is installed in. The camera will apply that specific calibration profile to each image before data is saved to the recording media.

From there, it’s onto the digital unit test, wherein Hasselblad workers adjust focus, remove dust and apply other quality control measures before moving onto the final photo quality test. Using both studio scenes and color charts, Hasselblad tests the image quality of each camera using both automated and manual verification to ensure no anomalies are seen in the resulting photographs.

The video is yet another unique look into a process usually hidden within the factory walls. Regardless of whether or not you own — or have even shot with — a Hasselblad, it’s hard not to respect the level of precision and attention to detail that goes into each camera unit before it’s packaged up and shipped off.

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