Canadian photographer Dustin Dolby has published a new video on his YouTube channel Workphlo that shows how to capture a poster-style beer photograph, from beginning to end.

Throughout the 17-minute video, Dolby takes a step-by-step approach to show how each change he makes to the scene has an effect on the image captured. This, in combination with his articulate narration, makes for an easy-to-follow tutorial.

A behind-the-scenes shot showing the setup used to capture the final image.

If you think an expensive setup was required to capture these images, you might be in for a surprise. The lighting gear Dolby used to capture this scene is fairly affordable. Dolby used a collection of $85 Yongnuo speedlights and a $45 Yongnuo trigger shot through Godox strip lights and diffused white nylon. Although he doesn’t specifically mention it in the video, one thing we noticed is that Dolby is using black gloves throughout the process to ensure he doesn’t transfer fingerprints to the glass’ reflective surface.

In addition to explaining the setup and capture process, Dolby also shows the post-production workflow he uses to get from the final capture to the final product shot. Dolby clearly emphasizes beer in this scene, but many of the tips he shares throughout the video would apply to other beverages and liquids shot inside glass containers.

The final image, after post-production.

You can find more tutorials on Dolby’s Workplo YouTube channel and purchase some of the materials Dolby uses throughout the video on the Workplo online shop.

Image credit: Images by Dustin Dolby, shared with permission.