Photographer, YouTuber and Canon Ambassador Peter McKinnon was recently sent a pair of Canon EOS R3 cameras to play around with. While he hasn’t had much time yet to put it to the test, he has shared a new hands-on video wherein he shares his initial thoughts on the EOS R3 and shows off plenty of up-close shots of Canon’s forthcoming mirrorless camera.

McKinnon starts off by acknowledging that at the time of filming, he had only spent an hour or so using the camera and getting familiarized with the new features. Canon isn’t allowing McKinnon to share any photos or videos captured with the camera, but McKinnon does highlight the design of the camera, compares it with both a 1DX Mark II and an EOS R5, and explains his experience with the new eye-tracking AF technology.

Screenshot from the video showing Peter McKinnon comparing the Canon EOS R3 (left) compared to the larger EOS 1D X Mark II (right).

McKinnon is a Canon Ambassador and has spent much of his professional and YouTube career shooting with the likes of the Canon 1DX Mark II and, more recently, the EOS R5. The video is sponsored by Squarespace, with the sponsorship section starting at around the 3:40 timestamp.

You can find more of McKinnon’s videos over on his self-titled Youtube channel, Peter McKinnon.