Vimeo adds Dolby Vision support, accessible exclusively through Apple devices

Vimeo today announced that it is adding support for the Dolby Vision HDR standard. While the company previously supported uploading HDR10 content, the Dolby Vision support enables an even higher quality viewing experience.

Vimeo adds Dolby Vision support, accessible exclusively through Apple devices

If you want to upload a Dolby Vision video, you can currently do it from any device regardless of your Vimeo account tier.

To make sure your Dolby Vision video is displayed correctly, all you need to make sure is that it is in HEVC 10-bit, HLG, and Dolby Vision profile 8.4. Vimeo will automatically figure out the rest, including generating the standard HDR10, SDR wide gamut, and SDR versions.

Now comes the tricky part. Viewing the Dolby Vision content is currently only limited on Apple’s devices. This includes iPhone 8 and newer, iPad Pro 2nd generation and above, select Mac models, and the Apple TV 4K connected to a Dolby Vision TV. This can either be done in Safari or within the Vimeo app.

To be fair, this restriction isn’t any different from the limitations Vimeo already had in place for its standard HDR10 content, which could also only be viewed on Apple devices. This means that if you’re on an Android or Windows device, you’ll only see the SDR version.

The cool thing is that if you have an iPhone 12 model then you can just capture, edit, and upload a Dolby Vision video directly to Vimeo without ever needing a computer. iPhone 12 captures in the same HEVC 10-bit HLG Dolby Vision 8.4 format that Vimeo requires so you won’t have any compatibility issues.

To learn more about Dolby Vision, check out our explainer here.


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