Want to get character and weapons skins in Back 4 Blood? Here’s how.

Back 4 Blood is all about Zombie killing but hey, why not look good doing it? Well, you can, by unlocking skins for both your chosen Cleaner and for the guns you have in your arsenal. But how do I unlock skins in Back 4 Blood? I hear you ask. Well, you’re lucky you landed on this page, as we’re going to take you through all the necessary steps so you can get to securing the perfect outfits.

How to get skins in Back 4 Blood

back 4 blood skins

Before we get into talking about the more painstaking ways you can unlock skins, if you purchased the Ultimate Edition of Back 4 Blood, you should have the Battle Hardened skin unlocked already, ready to equip for whichever Cleaner is your favorite. However, if you’re left wanting more, you’re going to need to get to some Z killing.

Back 4 Blood outfit unlocks are tied to in-game accomplishments. These can range from completing a certain number of missions as a specific Cleaner to finishing the whole game on Nightmare difficulty.

To access these accomplishments, head to your profile and you should be able to find all the requirements you need to get those ZWAT outfits unlocked.

Now, if you’re looking for Back 4 Blood weapon skins, apart from the pre order items, these are unlocked via spending the in-game currency called Supply Points. These Supply Points can be obtained via Supply Line missions which can subsequently be spent with Dusty in New Hope. You may have to purchase a number of different unlocks before a weapon skin appears but once one does, scoop that up and hopefully be at the gold variant in no time.

back 4 blood weapon skins

Finally, if you’re feeling lucky, skins can sometimes be earned for reaching certain in-game tiers. However, these do vary in rarity so you might be left feeling loose changed if you don’t get your desired skin.

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