Watch: Smartphone photography tips to help you take your mobile photography to the next level

Whether our phone is our primary camera or just something we whip out occasionally to grab a shot when we have no other camera with us, we all want our smartphone photos to look good. If you’re already quite proficient at photography, then it’s relatively easy to translate your knowledge over to the camera in your phone. If you’re new, it can be just as much as a challenge as using a “real camera”.

In this video, wedding and lifestyle photographer Jaja Samaniego talks about some of the basic tips to help you get the most out of your smartphone photography, from practical tips like keeping your lens clean to understanding light and composition.

The tips provided might seem quite elementary to more experienced photographers, but they’re still good advice to keep in mind, even when using your phone. Particularly the first one. After all, those of us who are used to using DSLRs or mirrorless cameras can sometimes get quite lazy when we’re “only” using our phone to grab a quick shot.

I mean, how many times have we pulled our phone out of our pocket to find that part of the image is soft because we didn’t notice that bit of fingerprint grease covering half the lens? Please, tell me it’s not just me!

What’s your best piece of smartphone photography advice for newbies?

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