Watch the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 get disassembled on video

Samsung made the Galaxy Z Fold3 official last week, and we’ve already gone hands-on with the device. Right now we’re busy working on its full review, but we were thinking – what if you want to see this phone from angles we can’t possibly show you? As in – its insides.

Thankfully, for that purpose there are disassembly / teardown videos, and the first one is now live for the Galaxy Z Fold3, courtesy of PBKreviews over on YouTube.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 get disassembled on video

You can take a yet-unprecedented look at the newest Samsung foldable smartphone in this video, peeking at what makes it tick on the inside. So grab some popcorn and/or your beverage of choice, and hit Play below.

The video gives you some useful information regarding how to go about tearing your own Galaxy Z Fold3 down without messing anything up, but frankly, we wouldn’t recommend anyone attempt this at home. It is, after all, a very expensive piece of tech, and the risk of something going wrong during such a teardown is quite high. Still, it’s entertaining to watch other people do it.

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