Weekly poll results: OnePlus Nord 2 gets the nod

The original Nord was met with doubt, the Core Edition didn’t fare much better in the eyes of fans. But the OnePlus Nord 2, now that looks like a winner from the outset.

Nearly half of voters in last week’s poll are interested in acquiring a Nord 2. If you’re still on the fence, check out our written review or watch our video review for a detailed examination of the pros and cons of this new model.

Weekly poll results: OnePlus Nord 2 gets the nod

The phone became available earlier this week, so if you want, you can grab one right now. The base model is €400 in Europe, £400 in the UK and INR 30,000 in India. Alas, North America may miss out on this one like it did with the original – the Nord N series is highly successful in the US, but there is no contest between the new Nord N200 and the Nord 2.

Despite some wishing this one had a Snapdragon 870, the custom Dimensity 1200-AI chipset is more than fast enough for most. And the serious camera sensor backed by OIS are seen as a major plus over competing models that do have a Snapdragon 800-series chip. Not to mention that OxygenOS still has a good reputation, despite the merge with ColorOS (at least for the inner working of the OS). We were certainly quite pleased with how the software performed in our review and the familiar OnePlus apps are still in place (or Google apps where there are no OnePlus alternatives).

The original Nord helped OnePlus sales grow in Europe, despite the initial hesitation at the company’s first non-flagship. The Nord 2 isn’t really a flagship either, but the indications so far are that it will be a strong performer in the mid-range.

Weekly poll results: OnePlus Nord 2 gets the nod

There are many detractors, but again much fewer than there were against the original Nord and Nord CE. It really depends on where what priority you give to different features. As for the original, barely anyone seems interested in that one anymore, even if it comes with a discount.

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