What is Back 4 Blood Swarm mode?

One of people’s favourite game modes in Left 4 Dead was the Versus game mode. Where two teams of four were pitted against each other, playing as the different special zombies against the survivors. Now comes the new version of Versus, with Back 4 Blood Swarm Mode.

And considering Back 4 Blood is a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead by the same studio, it was expected to feature the fan favourite game mode. So we’ll have a quick overview of what the Swarm mode is and how it’s different from its original.

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Swarm Mode

At the beginning of the match, the Cleaners / Survivors are granted some time to collect weapons and supplies before the swarm comes for them. The swarm is led by the four opponents who are playing as Special Ridden.

Once prep time is up, the Cleaners just need to survive as long as possible until the Ridden eventually overpower them and the round is over. Both sides will have access to the special perks and upgrades available to them, adding a new element to the ‘Versus’ mode.

One of the main differences between Left 4 Dead’s Versus and Back 4 Blood’s Swarm mode lies in the setting. In L4D, players would continue campaign missions and go from point A to Z. They won if they finished the chapter. Whereas in Back 4 Blood, the game arena is not part of the main story, and the area shrinks. It essentially becomes a Call of Duty zombies match, seeing how long you can last before you’re overwhelmed.

Special Ridden

Among the special ridden are four main beasties, each with their own special abilities.

back 4 blood breaker
Bruiser The Bruiser is a slow-moving but very tanky Ridden. But don’t be fooled by its slowness, as it punches fast with a signature charge ability allowing it to travel at fast speeds to hit like a wrecking ball. If it lands that charge, it could wipe out the Cleaners before they know what’s hit them.
Crusher  Crushers are Ridden units that use their incredible strength to lift their enemies in the sky and crush them. You’ll need to stay away from them to avoid their obsession with broken bones.
Exploder  The Exploders use the concept of mutually assured destruction to create havoc among the Cleaners. They like to jump into any  certain death situation, aiming to die in an explosion of guts, launching any unfortunate Cleaner caught in the blastwave off their feet. Fans of the Left 4 Dead series will find this character plays similarly to a Boomer, without the vision-impairing mess and vomit they leave behind.
Hocker Hockers are a creature that is very small and agile, capable of pinning down opponents in gummy undead mucus. You’ll want to rescue any ally caught in the phlegm; otherwise, they’ll meet a sticky end.

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