What New World Legendary armor sets are in the game?

Now that players are getting to the end game of New World, many players are looking to get the best gear score. One of the ways players are managing to get their hands on some great gear score is through the legendary armor in the game. Unlike the legendary weapon counterparts, there are no legendary quests that grant you 580 gear score. Instead, you have to go through an arduous process of getting some great gear. Below we teach you how to get legendary gear in New World, along with some of the best legendary armor sets in the game.

How to get Legendary Armor in New World

There are quite a few ways to get Legendary Armor in New World. The first is by crafting yourself some legendary armor pieces. When you come across a legendary crafting mat, you can gain the recipes for some of the legendary armor sets in New World. For example, when you acquire a Voidbent Ingot, you will unlock the schematic for the Voidbent gear, which many players are using, especially the heavy armor version.

Meanwhile, you can find gear from boss drops, expeditions, and even small chances to get legendary gear from caches and chests. For example, you can grab yourself gear score from the chests you get for completing Arenas, such as taking down the Spriggan or the Siren Queen.

How to increase your Legendary gear score

Please note that if you do get yourself a legendary piece of armor from a drop, it will reflect your watermark. The watermark feature is an end game grinding feature that slowly increases the base level of gear score for a single piece of gear and its armor type. 

For example, if you get a light helmet at 535 gear score, your watermark rises to 535 for that armor type and gear slot. Eventually, you will climb the watermark ladder and get it to 600, the highest point of the gear score in the game.

So, try to arm your epics and rares while you make your way up the watermark ladder. There is no worse feeling than finding a legendary piece of gear that isn’t even the best it could possibly be. If you craft yourself a legendary gear set, then that will always be 600 gear score, so it is more efficient to craft your own legendary piece of gear at the minute.

The best New World legendary armor sets

New World Voidbent Armor
Here is the Voidbent armor in all its glory.

Voidbent Legendary Armor

At the minute, there are quite a few desirable pieces of legendary armor. The first, as already mentioned is the Voibent armor. There are three sets, with one focusing on heavy and constitution, medium and dexterity and light armor with strength.

In terms of the most viable of the set, it is by far the constitution set.  The reason is that heavy armor at endgame tends to withstand most of the damage that light armor players get, so the meta is to run heavy armor. If your build doesn’t want 125 constitution, then you’re best off lucking elsewhere for gear.

The Harbinger legendary sets

The Harbinger legendary set contains a light, medium and heavy variety of the set. Heavy armor players can expect 25 constitution a piece, while medium contains 25 dexterity a piece, with light gaining 25 intelligence. More so, each piece of gear contains the Refreshing, Invigorated and Angry Earth Ward perks. The refreshing perk lowers cooldown by 2.85 each, while Invigorated reduces  Weaken, Disease, Exhaust, and Rend by 4.8%. Lastly, the Angry Earth Ward reduces the damage taken from Angry Earth mobs by 4.8% apiece.

If you’re focusing on farming content filled with the Angry Earth, you can use this set to make life easier. Such examples are the Garden of Genesis expedition. If you’re up for farming the set, you can earn the drops from the Garden of Genesis, the Lazarus Instrumentality, and other world bosses. Norte this is one of the reliable methods of farming other drop based legendary pieces of gear, such as the Archmage and Corrupted Rage sets.

The Archmage legendary set

The Archmage legendary set is a light armor set that is great for mage playstyles. The gear offers a mixture of intelligence, focus, and constitution. Furthermore, the gear provides the player with Refreshing, Corrupted Ward and Corrupted Resistance. Refreshing reduces your cooldowns by 2.8%, which Corrupted ward reduces the damage you take from Corrupted, along with your Corrupted Resistance making it easier to manage corrupted areas.

If you’re up for farming the set, you can earn the drops from the Garden of Genesis, the Lazarus Instrumentality, and other world bosses.

The Corrupted Rage legendary set

The Corrupted Rage set is a legendary heavy set that focuses on strength and constitution. The set is designed to be the go-to set for taking on Ancient enemies while offering the player reduced CC through the Freedom perk. 

Avenging set

The Avenging set is a strength and constitution heavy set that offers the player protection from Corrupted enemies. The set also has Refreshing, which lowers your cooldown by 2.85 for every piece with the perk.

As you can see, there is a theme going on with lots of the New World legendary armor sets. There are plenty of legendary armor sets in the game that offer cooldown or damage reduction perks that counter various end game enemy types, which you can typically fam through the expeditions. There are many more sets that follow this pattern that are not listed above.

Amulets and Rings

If you are wondering how to get your hands on amulets, there are plenty of New World legendary amulets that drop from various end game world bosses. For example, Shattered Mountain has several elite mini-bosses scattered around the Myrkgard area. These elites have the chance of dropping legendary amulets, weapons and other goodies. For example, the Leviathan of the Deep drops the Bloody Valentine  Ring, Eyes in the Abyss Amulet, and the Volcano Smasher.

If you’re after farming for legendary amulets and rings, you will need to run around killing these mini-bosses in the max level zones. 

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