What We’d Like to See in The Sony RX1r III, If it Ever Comes Out

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The idea of a true companion camera is one that makes the most sense, like your phone. But good compact cameras can still be had. The Sony RX1 series was much loved by a lot of photographers. And for years, we’ve been expecting the Sony RX1r III to come out. Yet it hasn’t. Instead, Sony has been focusing very hard on much more advanced cameras. However, I think Sony, being a passion-based company, is missing a huge opportunity here. The world of the premium compact camera is still worth looking at. So here’s what we’d want in the Sony RX1r III.

50MP or 60+? How Would This Affect Autofocus?

This is where things are probably the most confusing; Sony has two high-megapixel camera bodies. But will Sony even use the sensors in these cameras? If they use the Sony a7r IV‘s sensor, then I hope that they revamp the autofocus a bit. Before the RX1r, there was the RX1. They didn’t need to go super high resolution with the camera. Instead, they can go for a lower megapixel alternative that’s centered on speed. 

If Sony took the sensor from the Sony a7r IV and put it into a camera, it would be very appealing. It also wouldn’t conflict with the Sony a7c at all. Realistically speaking though, Sony might want to put the higher resolution sensor in the camera to make it more future-proof. If they made the Sony RX1r III have a lower-resolution sensor, then they’d need to crank something else up quite a bit like the frame rate. Either way, we’re still wondering about this one specifically.

But who would buy this? Well, there are tons of photojournalists and travelers who would love to use this camera. More than that, premium compact cameras are great to carry around at all times. 

Weather Sealing

One of my biggest gripes with the Sony RX1R II was the lack of weather sealing. That’s incredibly important. This camera needs to be able to go everywhere with you and always be ready. You should be able to go from the desert, to the airport, and then to the beach with it. Lots of Sony cameras can’t do that. But hopefully, the Sony RX1r III will be able to do that easily. 

There are a few routes Sony could go here too. The Fujifilm X100v isn’t fully weather-sealed at the lens. (You need to buy a UV filter to put on the front.) The Leica Q2 has had issues with things getting in the viewfinder. And Canon managed to create a weather-sealed compact camera with a zoom lens. How will Sony do it?

A New Lens

The Zeiss 35mm f2 that’s on the previous cameras probably won’t be used anymore. Zeiss has that lens on the ZX1 in some variant. So Sony would need to work on their own in some way. The company has made a lot of nice compact lenses. I think it’s possible we’d see a 40mm lens or a 28mm lens on the next camera. The Sony RX1r III could boast a 40mm f2 in a really small format. 

Better Controls

Since the Sony RX1r II launched, the company has greatly updated its controls. They’d need to do a lot here. The camera would need a joystick. It would also need the new touch-capable menu system. Of course, that also means a much better screen. Sony now has much better dials and knobs too. 

What would you like to see out of the Sony RX1r III if it were to launch? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. 

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