What’s The New Call Of Duty? – A New CoD Is In Town

The new Call Of Duty game for 2021 has finally been leaked, although not officially announced, and it’s going to be called Vanguard. While there is little to discuss at this moment, the leak gave us enough to whet the appetite, and it looks as though it’s going to be set post WW2 after the Nazis lose the war.

The new COD aims to be historically accurate with the in-game characters to be based on real-life people. Vanguard is going to have a dynamic environment, which is massive for the franchise, with destruction and in-game objects that actually move when blown up.

We know there is going to be an open beta early access for those that pre order the Ultimate edition of the game. Other pre order bonuses appear to include character skins and new weapons.

There looks to be an Alpha playtest for the new Call of Duty as soon as September, with the Beta following in October, before finally being released in November. Remember this is all subject to change as there are no official announcements just yet.

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