WhatsApp trouble at Samsung: Is a solution in sight?

There are currently problems plaguing the hugely popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp, on Samsung smartphones. Reports are piling up on the Internet that it is risky to send files via WhatsApp when it is running in dual-messenger mode under OneUI. However, there does seem to have some hope at the end of the tunnel if you too, are caught in this unwanted trend of being unable to correctly send out videos, music, and photos.

  • WhatsApp is currently causing problems in Samsung’s dual-messenger mode.
  • Sending files is not possible.
  • Samsung already claimed to be working on a solution.

Are you reading this story on a Samsung smartphone and a WhatsApp message pops up? If so, you might be one of those who are currently struggling with problems with the instant messaging app. As the Samsung experts at SamMobile have written, WhatsApp version or newer is causing problems.

What is of concern among users is the inability to send files. If one uses WhatsApp in conjunction with Samsung’s dual messenger feature, pictures, videos and other files can no longer be sent. In dual messenger mode, two WhatsApp instances can be launched on a single device. This comes in pretty handy if you happen to use a dual-SIM smartphone or take advantage of the landline phone trick.

Solution is in the works – until then, use WhatsApp alternatives or file hosting services

Samsung is also aware of the problems at the moment and the company has even released a statement on the matter. A software update that should solve this issue is already in the works. Until then, WhatsApp users should search for files in the file manager and try the sharing feature within WhatsApp itself to forward a photo, music track, or video.

If doing so is too cumbersome for you, you can also install one of the numerous available WhatsApp alternatives and see if the corresponding contact is also active on that platform. In addition, it is also a good idea to send the file via a file hosting service, especially when it comes to large files. Instead of the file, you can then simply send a link that can be used to download the corresponding file.

Are you currently experiencing these problems and do you use WhatsApp as a dual messenger in the first place? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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