WhatsApp’s ‘view once’ messages – how to send them now!

WhatsApp is adding a ‘view once’ feature for sending messages. The recipient will then be able to view the photo or video only once – and the message self-destructs. As the website Wabetainfo reports, the feature is currently being rolled out. We’ve tried it already!

  • WhatsApp gets feature for ‘view once’ messages à la Snapchat
  • The feature can be activated for individual messages in chats
  • Currently it only works if both sender and recipient have a new version

WhatsApp and privacy – the neverending story. In the current version of the messenger, there’s already a self-destruct mode for chats. But: Once activated, all messages with your chat partners will be permanently deleted. With the new option, it’ll be possible to only light the fuse on specific messages.

The guys from Wabetainfo found the feature in the latest version of the messenger with the version number As always, you can head over to our guide on How to install the latest WhatsApp APK – or in short: Download the latest WhatsApp version from APKMirror and get going.

NextPit whatsapp view once messages screenshots
This bird shalt never be seen again. Hit the circled “1” next to the caption, and the image will be gone forever after being viewed once – as WhatsApp explains (if nobody takes a screenshot, hah). The feature currently only works if the recipient also has the latest WhatsApp version. / © NextPit

WhatsApp: Here’s how to use one-time messages when they’re available

Using the ‘view once’ messages is pretty straight-forward. Select a photo that’d you’d like the recipient to view only once. Next to the caption field, you’ll see a small “1” inside of a circle. Tap it, and the recipient will be able to see the picture exactly once.

As with Snapchat and other messengers, however, it is still possible for users to create screenshots of the one-time message. So you shouldn’t be too sure about whatever you’ll send to be seen once and then gone forever.

What do you think of the new WhatsApp feature? Are we finally getting the self-destruct feature we’ve been wanting? Let’s discuss it in the comments – your comments won’t be deleted, of course. At least for now.

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