When are the Elyon release times for the free to play version?

The Elyon full release is finally here. If you have not pre-ordered the game to get the early release, you will be waiting around for the free-to-play version. Well, at the time of writing, the game goes live worldwide three hours from now. If you’re interested in being there the second it goes live, we will translate the launch times for you below.

Elyon release times

Elyon launces approximately three hours from the time of writing. The only official source of the full launch countdown is available on the Kakao Twitch Stream. Below you’ll find when that countdown ends, and when Elyon Release times are for a variety of timezones.

  • Elyon release time BST – 15:00 
  • Elyon release time CEST – 16:00
  • Elyon release time ET – 10:00
  • Elyon release time PT – 07:00
  • Elyon release time JST – 23:00

If you’re interested in following along with the Elyon launch celebration events, you can check out the Elyon launch stream below. The stream is showing off some of the open-world content you can expect to encounter. Moreso, you can find some of the classes and combat you can expect to come across.

If you’re looking to pass the time ahead of launch, we made some Elyon class and Race guides, detailing some of the earliest steps you will come across when Elyon launches later today. If you’re interested, you can read up on our class and race guides. Feature image via Kakao and Bluehole.

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