When does Crimson Desert come out? Pearl Abyss’ new MMO release date

With New World’s reaction turning to mixed from being piping hot, the MMO crowd is now looking towards 2022 to deliver on literally anything new. (Final Fantasy XIV exists, guys!) At last year’s Game Awards, Pearl Abyss – developers of Black Desert – announced a new game that would be launching supposedly in 2021.

However, because of the pandemic, Pearl Abyss has decided to delay the game’s release date until sometime into 2022. This was announced via Twitter, which has remained mostly dormant since September.

With no word from the developer of any real progress on the game, you can only assume that it’s absolutely in the thick of development and don’t want to keep leaving breadcrumbs of information for people to hound them over. The game will come with time and I suspect that we’ll see a new trailer in the next couple of months (maybe even at 2021’s Game Awards).

MMOs to play in the mean time

Even though Amazon’s New World might have had a little bit of a cooler reaction since it launched, it’s still very much one of the most popular games at the moment, with our team covering it in-depth with tonnes of guides.

You can also get in before Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion launches to level in time to hit the new Endwalker content later in November. As well as this, World of Warcraft still continues to be a juggernaut.

We’re also keeping tabs on new games like Lost Ark and Elyon, with Lost Ark launching next year and Elyon’s launch being this week, we’re sure to keep up with it as time goes on.

Pearl Abyss also currently have Shadow Arena, which has a Mixed response on Steam due to bugs, but it might be worth checking out as reviews can stick around for a while, even after the game has been improved.

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