Where to buy DDR5 (next-gen) memory kits: Release date & pre order

DDR5 memory has been simmering under the radar for years now, promising next-gen speeds, lower voltages, and more efficient chip designs. While many enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for its release, DDR5 has been relatively elusive since its initial announcement around 4 years ago. Until recently, very little information was actually available regarding DDR5 release dates, pricing, pre orders, and specifications.

However, thanks to a slew of recent announcements made by large memory manufacturers, that is no longer the case. Alongside rumours, leaks, and official announcements, we can paint a pretty decent picture of what’s in store for next-gen memory modules.

All being said, the following article will be all the latest information regarding DDR5 release dates and pre orders. We’ll be keeping this page bang up to date so remember to bookmark it for the latest pre order details.

DDR5 release date

The next-gen DDR5 memory looks set to launch in a few weeks time alongside an all-new Z690 motherboard and Intel 12th Gen CPU lineup. This is a huge step in the right direction for Intel, especially when you consider how the battle for CPU hierarchy has gone since AMD’s Ryzen launch.

First signs of DDR5’s release date are being teased though, with some European retailers already listing product pages for the new hardware. Furthermore, with a tonne of recent announcements from major memory manufacturers (showcasing ready-to-go DDR5 memory), it’s only a matter of time before it hits shelves.

DDR5 specifcations

While we don’t have a tonne of information on release dates, we do have quite a bit to go off as far as specifications are concerned. Memory manufacturers have been kind enough to release top-line specs for the next-gen RAM modules, allowing us to paint a pretty good picture of the performance it should provide.

Here are the latest specifications for DDR5 RAM:

Feature DDR4 DDR5 DDR5 Advantage
Data rates 3200Mhz 4800-6400mhz Increased performance and bandwidth
VDD/VDDQ/VPP 1.2 1.1 Lower power
Device densities 16GB Max 64GB Larger monolithic devices
Prefetch 8n 16n Keeps the internal core clock low
CRC Write Read/Write Strengthens system RAS by protecting read data
Burst length BL8 BL16, BL32 Allows 64B cache line fetch w/only 1 DIMM subchannel.

DDR5 price & pre order

At present, there are no official prices for DDR5 RAM kits. However, there are some early listings that suggest fairly outrageous pricing.

One particular kit was retailing for around $329. That makes the new DDR5 standard much more expensive than DDR4 – but that was always going to be the case.

Where To Buy DDR5 – US

We’ve taken the time to list all the DDR5 memory where to buy links for the major retailers in the US below. As demand will be fairly high for the new DDR5 standard, stock levels will likely be underwhelming for the first few quarters of 2022.

Amazon US – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Best Buy – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Where to buy DDR5 – UK

All major UK retailers will stock the 12th gen Alder Lake processors and we will be continually updating this list with all the links we find.

Amazon UK – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Scan – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Overclockers – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Ebuyer – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Currys – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Novatech – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Where to buy DDR5 – Canada

Just like everywhere else, major retailers in Canada are yet to post Intel 11th-gen listings live yet. However, you can rest assured that when they do, we’ll have all the best places linked below.

Amazon CA – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Where to buy DDR5 memory – France

Where To Buy DDR5 memory – Germany

Where to buy DDR5 memory – Spain

Where To Buy DDR5 memory – Italy

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