Where to find the Nettle Rest Graveyard Chests in New World

If you’re questing in Everfall, chances are you have come across some side quests, or perhaps a faction mission that sends you over to Nettle Rest Graveyard. Some of these quests require you to kill the lost in the area or perhaps find staches, or chests in the graveyard. If you’re wondering where to find Nettle Rest Graveyard chests in New World, then we will show you where.

Where are the Nettle Rest Graveyard chests in New World?

When you arrive at Nettle Rest, you want to avoid the village at the start of the road completely. The village is filled with wolves and doesn’t offer any supplies. Continue to avoid the village and the wolves and my your way up the hill to the graveyard.

Once you arrive at the Nettle Rest Graveyard, you should look out for four chests. There are four chests scattered around the graveyard. The first two are easy to access, as they are in the actual grave area. You can find the first Nettle Rest Graveyard chest in the bottom right corner of the first burial grounds, with the second in the top right corner of the second burial grounds. Note that both of these lootables are T2 Supply Caches.

On the opposite side of the burial grounds, you will find an isolated building. The building is on the western side of the road in the Nettle Rest Graveyard. Inside that building, you can loot a T2 Supply Crate.

Nettle Rest Graveyard T2 Supply
The final chest is on this ruin.

The final New World Nettle Rest Graveyard chest is in the ruined chapel at the end of the road. At the centre of the stone flooring, you will find a T2 Stockpile. However, a mini-boss guards the chest, requiring you to confront it before pillaging the place. The mini-boss is called the Disturbed Scholar, which is a level 23 hostile NPC. It has slightly more health and damage from the Lost Gravediggers and Wizards in the area and shouldn’t pose too much of an issue.

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