Will Dead by Daylight be banned from Steam?

Whether you’re caught up on the whole Dead by Dalight non-fungible tokens (NFT) controversy or not, you might have at least heard about it. Let’s recap, just so you know what’s actually going on.

On the 18th of October, Dead by Daylight creators announced that they’ve been working with Boss Protocol, a group who makes horror-based NFTs. They explained that there will be in-game NFTs available for purchase that might give buyers a chance to access the Hellraiser chapter of DbD. Yepp, you read that right. Buying the NFT doesn’t mean you get to play the Hellraiser chapter it means you might if you’re lucky enough. Lootboxes in NFT form weren’t something I thought I’d see anytime soon.

To add onto this hullabaloo, Steam recently shared plans to remove all games from their platform that use blockchain to exchange cryptocurrency and NFTs. So now people are wondering whether Steam will ban Dead by Daylight off their platform and what that would mean for their game and in-game purchases.

So, a lot to take in, right? And it raised a lot of questions.

Some clarification

To help, a Reddit moderator has helped clarify certain issues:

What are NFTs?

Imagine you buy an image, but instead of a physical item you get a receipt that says you own that image. That receipt is then copied and pasted everywhere so much that tons of electricity is used which contributes to environmental decay. This is why people don’t like NFTs.

So what do we get if we buy them?

The Pinhead model, the box model, audio files of the voice line, and maybe the Hellraiser chapter in dbd.

Is anything in game exclusive to them?


The voice lines?

Also no. As far as we know the removal unrelated to these.

Will DbD be unlisted off Steam?

No. Steam banned games based on blockchain technology that sell NFTs. As long as BHVR doesn’t have anywhere in game to buy these, its fine.

Onto Epic Games?

So while it seems unlikely that Steam will ban DbD, that might change. In which case, it’s been hinted that Dead by Daylight might move to Epic Games. Tim Sweeney, of Epic Games, tweeted:

Despite all this, there’s one silver lining to it all. Dead by Daylight fans went full investigator-mode during this series of events and discovered that Clive Barker, original creator of Hellraiser, recently won back control of the franchise but won’t take official control until December. Leading many to believe this is a last desperate cash-grab from the current owners Park Avenue before they lose the rights.

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