Windows 11 Installation Assistant: Where to download

Windows 11 has finally been released after an eager wait from fans and enthusiasts alike, and the Windows 11 Installation assistant is finally available to the public. Though, some people may be wondering where they might be able to upgrade to Microsoft’s brand new OS, which has been announced as having a phased rollout for free to existing users of Windows 10. However, due to this, some people might not be able to upgrade directly through Windows 10 itself. This is where the multitude of installation options come in, including the Windows 11 Installation Assistant, which is a separate app that you’re able to download. There are other methods, including a Media Creation Tool in addition to an ISO for those of you who might still be running an optical drive in your system for whatever reason. But for the people wanting the most seamless Windows 11 upgrade experience, the Windows 11 Installation Assistant is the way to go.

Windows 11 Installation Assistant Download

You can find the link to install the Windows 11 Installation Assistant right here. Though, you may be wanting to check a couple of things on your system before attempting to install the latest version of Microsoft’s brand-new OS. Microsoft advises the following:

  • Have Windows 10 installed on your system
  • Have a working Windows 10 license
  • That your PC Supports the Windows 11 System Requirements
  • Have 9GB free on your storage device

How to use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant

  • Select ‘Run’ as an administator on the system
  • It will check if your PC is compatible, once this is confirmed click ‘Accept and Install’
  • It will begin preparing the installation process, hit ‘Restart Now’ when it appears
  • Your PC will begin to install Windows 11.

Congratulations! you’ve just installed Windows 11. If you run into any trouble, you can check out our massive Windows 11 hub, where you’ll be able to find out more about Microsoft’s brand-new operating system, and any issues that you might run into.

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