Wooden Camera Ultra QR Articulating Monitor Mount Announced

Wooden Camera Ultra QR Articulating Monitor Mount Announced

Wooden Camera, part of the Vitec group of companies, is now shipping the Ultra QR Articulating Monitor Mount – QR is for quick release – a quick-release solution based on an articulating ball joint design. Let’s see what it is all about.

The new mount has been matched up with SmallHD monitors (another Vitec company). But Wooden Camera claim the mount will support most monitors up to a hefty 45 pounds.

This wider compatibility is via the VESA hole standard of 75mm or 100mm or through an ARCA Swiss Rail. The basic quick-release attachment is by any 5/8” male baby pin system. It makes sense for Wooden Camera to market to SmallHD customers initially with the ARCA clamp. It allows quick-release and a perfect fit for SmallHD monitors like the OLED 22, CINE 24, VISION 17, VISION 24 and CINE 13 models.

Wooden Camera QR monitor mount
Wooden Camera’s quick release monitor mounts swivels or articulates safely on a ball joint design (image credit: Wooden Cameras)

In fact you can buy the monitor mount from either Wooden Camera or SmallHD as well (but we would appreciate you using our links to B&H below, at now extra cost for you, but we’ll get a small commission to help run this site).

Amount of articulation

The friction-ball system gives you gives you adjustments such as 50˚ of articulation to the right (when facing the monitor); 90˚ to the left ; 100˚ of tilt up and 12˚ of tilt down as well as 360˚ of rotation.

With all this grabable movement you don’t have to completely loosen the ratchet handle either, giving you some confidence. Wooden Camera say that you just tighten the handle once you find your preferred position. Probably worth a bit of practice before you start rotating a heavy monitor.

Wooden Camera's quick release monitor mount with the wider compatibility of VESA hole standards
Wooden Camera’s quick release monitor mount with the wider compatibility of VESA hole standards. (image: Wooden Camera)

One 3/8″-20 and two 1/4″-20 mounting points are located on the top of the mount for adding articulating arms, video receivers, or other accessories.

This seems like a well-engineered accessory from Wooden Cameras, but of course we haven’t had our hands on it yet. Let us know if you’re a user of their products and if you have any comments.

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