WoW Classic Questie addon is updated for WoW SoM

Last Updated: November 17, 2021

One of the most vital addons for WoW Classic is the Questie addon, adding in a fairly decent quest tracker, along with map locations of your quest objectives. Since the WoW Classic version is very primitive, getting the WoW Classic Questie addon is almost essential.

While most players already have a WoW Classic question addon, some logged in to find that it was not working properly. The WoW Classic SoM patch runs on 1.14, which means all addons need to get updated. If you’ve not already done so, we recommend going into Curse Forge in the Overwolf client and updating all your addons if you have not already done so.

If you#re only just getting back into WoW Classic vanilla, and need to redownload all your classic addons, make sure to grab the addon. You can search for specific addons in Curse Forge, or filter by popularity. Questie is one of the most popular addons in the game and is featured in its own block on the Curse Forge client. Alternatively, you can use another addon client called WoWUp, which some players prefer rather than using the inbuilt ad client that Overwolf has.  Make sure you’re updating you actually vanilla client, and not your retail or TBC Classic client.

What is WoW Classic Questie?

Questie is a questing addon that allows the player to manage their quest log in a much better way. On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of quest objectives. If you open your map, you will see a variety of sword icons, whaling you the kill targets and locations of your kill mobs. Meanwhile, you’ll find little bag icons that show you where you need to collect fings. If you need to find something or someone, you’ll see a magnifying glass. Some of the blips may even have numbers next to them, indicating which objective belongs to which quest in your quest log.

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