Xbox Stream Box prototype leaks in the wild

We’ve entered the new generation of games and consoles. While Sony offers the PlayStation 5 in digital and disc driver editions, Microsoft offers two distinct consoles. The company has the Xbox Series S that acts as a “Lite” version of the Xbox Series X. It has less SSD storage and the specifications are slightly below, there is no way to put a disc on it too. However, the Xbox Series S allows Microsoft to target at a very low pricing point. Both the Xbox Series S and Series X are the best-selling Xbox consoles amidst the supply issues. However, Xbox is also trying to make the Xbox Game Pass service available on more screens including TVs. Today, a product known as Xbox Stream Box has been spotted online.

Back in the last month, the company stated that it is working with TV manufacturers to bring Xbox experience to internet-connected TVs with no extra hardware except for a controller. This app will allow users to access its game streaming service called xCloud on their TVs. For non-internet-connected TVs, the company will offer another option -an Xbox streaming device that should act as a TV Box on steroids.

Xbox Stream Box prototype leaked in the wild

This device will ply into a TV or external monitor and allow the users to access xCloud. Now, alleged images along with details of a prototype called the Xbox Stream Box have appeared on the internet. However, there is no way to verify the authenticity of these images. For that reason digest them with a pinch or two of salt.

The leaked image was posted on Twitter by a user that goes by @PostUp_bbb. However, he may not be the original source. Anyway, the image has a cuboid with sharp corners and a white finish. There is an Xbox logo on top at the top left corner. The front has a USB-A port and a power button while the rear is home to an ethernet port, a USB-C port, most likely for power, and an HDMI port. Rumors suggest the device will come by the end of this year. However, nothing is determined due to the crisis in the semiconductor industry.

Xbox Streaming Box

In terms of features, the streaming box is a little thicker and wider than a deck of playing cards. It measures around 64 mm x 89mm. Once plugged into the TV or monitor, users will be able to stream from their game console or from xCloud. They will also be able to connect not only an Xbox Controller to the device but a wireless keyboard and mouse too. The Xbox stream box has built-in Wi-Fi or you can plug a cable into the ethernet port. Other features include Party Chat and streaming apps such as HBO and Disney+.

It’s not just a useful feature for a TV or monitor, it can be useful when you’re on a trip and just want to enjoy some gaming sessions. You’ll just need to plug your device onto any TV and will be able to start straight from your account and resume progress. We assume it will have another name, as Xbox Stream Box seems a little redundant.

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