You might have to wait until mid-2022 to get your hands on a Steam Deck

If you haven’t already reserved your Steam Deck, you could be in for a long wait. Valve has pushed back the device’s availability well past its December 2021 launch date. 

The 64GB Steam Deck won’t be available for select customers until the first quarter of 2022. However, those hoping for more storage will be in for an even longer wait. Both the 256GB version and the 512GB model have now been updated to show an expected order availability date of Q3 2022. 

This means the device may not ship out for some users until July to September of next year – up to nine months after its initial launch this December. 

The changes were first spotted by Eurogamer on Saturday, who reported that the 256GB model wouldn’t be available until the second quarter of 2022. The Steam website has since been updated to reflect the later Q3 date for both of the higher storage options. 

Valve originally invited Steam users to reserve their Steam Decks on July 15 and it seems users who jumped on the website early will continue to receive their orders this December. 

However, only Steam users who bought something prior to June 2021 and paid a reservation fee were allowed to reserve the Steam Deck in the first 48 hours.

While Valve seemed to have good intentions with this rule, presumably putting it in place to prevent scalpers from buying up stock, a number of long-time Steam users have come forward on Twitter to share screenshots of an error message preventing them from reserving a Steam Deck. 

“Your account is too new to reserve early. Reservations will open for you on Sunday July 18th, 10am PDT,” reads the message that was reportedly received by users with accounts up to 10 years old

Eurogamer spotted the date changes on July 17, meaning that by July 18th the expected order dates had already been adjusted to show Q2 for the 256GB model and Q3 for the 512GB.

If you’ve been considering ordering a Steam Deck (and are happy to wait a bit longer for the device to ship out), you can head over to the Steam website now to reserve the device. Prices range from £349 to £569 depending on your configuration.

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