You probably shouldn’t update your HomePod with the latest beta

A number of owners of Apple’s HomePod smart speakers are experiencing issues with overheating after updating it with the latest software beta.

Some of those users who’ve installed the HomePod 15 Software beta following its release last week, are complaining the device has become very hot when in use. So much so that it is reportedly ‘frying’ the logic boards of some speakers, rendering them practically useless.

A thread on the HomePod subreddit is populated by users experiencing issues with their devices since installing the HomePod 15 Software Beta.

One user writes: “I advise to unplug any one of your HomePods that are hot on top leading to your logic board failing, or have the issue on Audio OS 15 where Siri can’t pause music when it is playing music. Touching the top will only skip it.”

u/UnderstandingNo5785 on Reddit

While Apple has not launched an official public beta – as it has with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch – there’s an AppleSeed beta that enables users to try out forthcoming features.

While Apple only makes this beta update available to invited users usually, the device profile required to download the software can be easily found online, 9to5Mac reports.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to downgrade from the HomePod 15 Software Beta, so those experiencing the issues are likely stuck with them until Apple releases an updated version that resolves the issues.

For those who have experienced hardware failure following the update, it’s further warning that experimental beta versions of software aren’t just about trying all the latest features first. Things can and have gone wrong, leaving you with a broken device.

Have you experienced any issues with your HomePod due to the beta? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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